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Winter in the Valley

CVSR 800 in the Snow
The word ‘Winter’ brings to mind many things. The cold of January, snowfall, ice, and darkness all combine to create a less than hospitable environment. With bleak landscapes and the January’s ever-present gray overcast sky, the winds of winter do not create the ideal scenario for excursions trains. Yet that did not stop myself and two of my co-workers from visiting the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway.

CVSR is one of few tourist trains that runs throughout the winter. Their 2015 Season began not long after their Christmas rides ended with the new season beginning January 18th. Through February 28th, they run two round-trips every Saturday. This is down from the Saturday and Sunday winter schedule of a couple years back, but is still one of the most comprehensive winter tourist schedules that I’m personally aware of.

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